Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

January 22nd 1962 at approximately 11pm was an auspicious day!


You got me!

I just scraped in for the Chinese year of the Ox (but personally, I feel I'm more a tiger than an ox you know...)


so anyway...I share January 22nd with my Aunty Wendy... my Dad's sister who was 12 the day I was born.

I am also expecting a new cousin to be born today or tomorrow (of course I am hoping for today...the 22nd! :))

Francis Bacon, Lord Byron, and Jon Hurt also are January 22nd babies. As was the late Micheal Hutchence of INXS fame (or infamy if you like).

In fact I'm amazed at the plethora of fine actors and writers who share this date with me. Both skills are dear to my own heart.

I "might" have been an actor if I had have had the confidence and resources to become so. Back in the late 70's & 80's, my conservative family did not consider acting a career so it just wasn't on my radar. I was/am good at it though, when I get the practise :)

So writing it has been for most of my life! :) Which isn't so bad I guess.

Oh...and I don't really want to be famous you know! It's a nice thought in theory but the reality of fame/infamy is that you lose so much of your SELF to the mass market and I would soooo hate that! I am fiercely independant and will not be beholden to anyone if I choose not to be! That includes adoring fans...if I had any! hahahaha! *wink*

The best birthday presents are the ones you least expect from the people you love the most. I don't really "expect" any presents this year for my 45th birthday but each time a dear friend or relative acknowledges me with a card or breaks out into a "Happy Birthday" song....I'm gratified and that is enough :)

Hey!...I'm halfway to 90! Whoo hooo! Bring on the next 45!

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