Sunday, December 31, 2006

So long. Farewell. Amen. 2006...

2006 is fast winding to an end here.

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. They do not work for me really - too prescriptive and my life is anything but that! Life has a habit of turning on the head of pin most days.

I do like to reflect on my past year though and see how far I've come.

2006 saw a bunch of changes for me that have literally changed my entire life and perspective on many things.

January saw my family and I have our first really long holiday in many years. Travelling and going to places we'd never been before in our fair state.

February saw me preparing and undergoing personal surgery. The time off from work and the recovery process led me to rediscover my old loves of reading and writing again.

That process led me to the book "Is your genius at work" by Dick Richards.

Following the exercises in the book led me to the Genius Workshop here on the net.

I named my genius and began this blog which has opened doors for self-discovery, introspection and extraordinary friendship.

Through the Workshop I met, the very clever and multi-talented, Martin Spernau and have since become very good friends with him and his lovely wee family in Germany. I gained a precious new Goddaughter too! His daughter Feline. Wow! :) Isn't the internet fantastic for building relationships between people who might not have otherwise met? One day I shall meet these precious friends of mine in meatspace for sure :) My very limited German is going to significantly improve from now I should think! hehehe

I have received feedback and wonderful encouragement from Alexys Fairfield and EM Sky and Dick Richards himself. This has fed my desire to write.

I've had some stories published online at 365 Tomorrows and I've discovered the delights of photographic and digital art through

I've also begun working fulltime again and planning, with my husband, to relocate our business into a new premises.

Our son finished Primary School and begins High School next year.

Our daughter has had a string of boyfriends and a hectic teenage social life. It keeps us young.

My organisational skills have taken a beating but I'm a lot less inflexible in my thinking on many things now anyway and can chill out a little more on some of that stuff. I still make a lot of lists but I don't let myself get as caught up in the "Have to's" and "Should's" of my world now.

I've relaxed a lot this year. I've grown enormously too. I've ridden on dragons and encountered coyote magic and its been one helluva ride!

Thankyou to all of you who read this blog. This blog may be very self-centred and introspective at times but I still hope that I say things that make you think sometimes :)

Above all... I thank God for 2006! Awesome year really :)

Addendum: Totally remiss of me to not mention here the wonderful & amazing week I spent with my beloved sister and her family in late June 06. Sorry Quits! *blush* It was the best time and I "fell in love" with my beautiful wee nephews and grieved terribly when you all went back home to Darwin again. All worth it though :) I can't wait to see you all again ASAP (that whole "Prosperous New year" thing HAS to come true for one of us some day huh? ;))

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Alexys Fairfield said...

Looking back on life is always amazing. We accomplish tasks we never thought were possible while stretching our spirits and increasing our connection to life.

I can honestly say that my life is richer from reading your blog and experiencing an exercise in mind and motion.

Have an awesome New Year and charter more adventures that challenge your spirit and lets your imagination run wild.