Friday, November 10, 2006

Snatching moments now.

I am "officially" full-time as of this past week.

Our business is a small take-away food shop. It's been a quiet year this year what with rising fuel costs and the above average temperatures over the winter months. Our busiest time of the year is from about mid April through to mid October, however, it's been quite tough to make ends meet this year for many reasons.

So we've tightened the belt meaning that I'm essentially the "cheapest" labour available right now :)

It's been a big week. It hasn't dragged by though - it's literally flown by at full tilt. I'm wondering how I'm going to fit everything I love to do and HAVE to do here at home into my "new" lifestyle. I said to a friend this morning that I have felt something like the Energiser Bunny, particularly yesterday - have had to really just to get everything done.

The kids are technically old enough to help out but they're not that keen on that idea which is perfectly normal, I guess, for 14 and 12 year olds ;) They'll soon learn if they want to get fed in the evenings they'd best help Mum out a bit.

Time to write is my big priority now. Leisurely zone-outs here on the computer focussed on a story or working on this blog are going to be very precious - so I'm making the most of these moments as they arise.

Time to go put the groceries away now though... will be back when I'm rested up and rearing to go again :)

See ya! :)

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