Friday, October 27, 2006

the surgeon's blade

have you ever found yourself confessing your deepest truths to someone? Have you ever been so honest with yourself in the process that what was hidden in your heart suddenly seemed to crystallise into your awareness as if you were looking into a mirror for the first time?

Some people have a gift for carefully slicing open the soul and exposing what lies within. Some of these gifted types will either do the slicing out of mean and spiteful hatred or they will do it with great love and gentle kindliness.

So if you need to be honest and make confession, try to find those who can do the slicing open of your soul with the blades of love and kindness. These people are the true geniuses of the world because they demonstrate the mercy of God as much as they require the brutal truth.

Some would call them "Jesus with skin on" :)



Anonymous said...

But if you can't be honest with yourself first, no surgeon's blade will ever make an impact. The first cut is always the deepest, especially the cut of personal truth. After that, no surgeon's blade can ever hurt you because real truth is dispensed by God with love and compassion.

Michelle said...

Very true Alexys m'dear.

Being honest with ourselves is perhaps the real beginning of wisdom.


PS - your blog on this subject was excellent btw ;)