Monday, September 18, 2006

new carpet

We "moved" my elderly Mother-in-law out of her unit over the weekend to make way for all new floor coverings.

It was hard work but the final result has been worth the effort. Moving her back in feels like a kind of re-energising.

She still has far too much "stuff"! I guess its a by-product of growing up during the years of rationing that makes this particular generation so loathe to part with their accumulated paraphenalia. Literally everything is considered "useful" whether it is or it really isn't!

I intend to not be so inclined to hoard stuff as I grow older. I want to grow old free of such incumberances as odd crockery and un-usuable lead crystal wine glasses! I want to be able to leave this planet knowing that what I did leave behind was well loved and used often. :) It remains to be seen if I can hold to this promise though - we do tend to get attached to some strange things - us humans! ;)

So I guess I need to go through my belongings here again in my own home. We need new carpet soon too and it will be our turn to move out of this room for a day to re-energise it.

It also means that I had better seriously think about whether I do need to keep that Beau Geste Trilogy on the book shelf and which I read 15 years ago and haven't been able to part with since! *blush* hahaha!

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