Friday, August 18, 2006

Your best shot

doesn't always go the way you expect.

When you need to feel, to think, to tell, to show, to just be... sometimes you have to take the risk and go with what you ARE feeling, thinking and wanting to tell, right there and then.

To love is to risk, each and every time its expressed. To love is to expose oneself to the possibility that it may be returned or rejected.

We fear to express love because we fear rejection - abandonment and possibly even being made to look foolish and stupid.

That was the greatest damage done to us in the story of the Garden of Eden. When we "knew" our "nakedness", it wasn't just physical shame - it was a deep emotional fear that came over us too - a fear of isolation so intense and all encompassing that the mere thought of being abandoned like that inside that fear like a void so vast and inescapable it feels like it will consume us completely in its inky black, terrifying nothingness.

To love is to be courageous enough to step into that void with just enough faith and hope to know that you'll come out the other side, still whole and intact. What is on the other side is up to you to find. My prayer is that you find more love and more courage :)

God never fears to express love even when he knows it will be rejected. Fear cannot exist where there is love and He is Love - total and complete - no compromise.

Love expressed is always a good shot to take. If it misses... go on into that dark terrifying void of possibility and absence of presence and see what you find on the other side.

Its worth the step in faith to find your best shot for love. :)

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