Thursday, July 06, 2006

To boldly organise my life...

"Whatever you can do
Or dream you can,
Begin it.
Boldness has genius,
Power and magic in it .
Begin It Now."

(Quote attributed to Goethe)

I've wanted to be a Professional Organiser now for the past three years. I still haven't made the plunge entirely except for the odd occasional "workshop" where I've led a small number of people through some basic tips and tools for being more organised.

To be honest, my own organisational skills have been wanting lately. I'm a big officionado of Getting Things Done, but my poor PDA has been used spasmodically of late when last year my husband actually named it "The Love Machine" because I was staring into it constantly! hahaha *blush*

But now the vacuuming beckons, the doors could get a scubbing of those greasy fingerprints, the pantry still needs some more attention (it's half done being straightened), and the pile of papers and bills in my physical inbox, out there on the kitchen table, is begging for "processing" while I sit here and blog instead! :)

I took some time this year, initially for a personal journey through surgery which has since become not only life-changing but life-giving in many ways too. I have re-discovered the girl inside me again and it's been breath-taking to feel so alive and young at heart. I didn't realise just how "old" I'd become until now.

I have had a wonderful year this year. I've had TIME! Something which can be lacking in a Wife/Mother/Business persons life.

I've made new life-long friends. I've learned the name of my innate gift, my Genius. I've explored things I'd never dreamed I'd explore and I have started writing again after many years of writers drought! This year has been good to me so far.

But now I really do feel it's time I pulled up my socks and get back into my passion for "being organised" again. I love to feel that rhythm you know. Of having easy control over the stuff in my life! I love the feeling of being able to choose what I can and can't do without being rushed or hurried. I like that the filing cabinet is easy to find things in, I like that the menu is planned for the coming week and I can easily answer the kids questions "What's for tea tonight Mum?". I love grocery shopping early in the morning when there is hardly anyone in the supermarket and having the weeks shop done in under 30 minutes! Simple things that make my life so much more uncluttered.

That whole "Mind Like Water" thing that David from GTD speaks about is about simplicity and calm control. It's not some airy-fairy new age concept at all. Being in control of ones physical world opens up the creative world to incredible opportunities for expression and idea. I love that feeling. It's freeing and cathartic. When I'm in that state, it's not about "me" as such either, I'm actually more about what is going on outside of me and that can only be a good thing. That elusive beast called Happiness, comes to us when we aren't consumed by our Self I think!

I'm still reeling from yesterdays emotional rodeo ride though still. It's been a pretty emotional couple of days for me of late... no big reason why, just feel a little like an odd sock at the moment, like I'm missing my other half. It will turn up no doubt - eventually! Hopefully! :)

Writing helps - a lot - and I guess that's why my organisational things are on the back-burner for the time being. I'm constructing some kind of coherence for all that which has been missing in my life until now... through Story and Blog, trying to make these emotional/intellectual/spiritual things make sense and build some kind of meaning from them that will be of use to someone one day.

But I can also feel it's time to be organised again! To revel in a routine and a rhythm that makes me feel like I'm on top of things. And...I want to turn this passion into some kind of business too for those who need and want it. I want to help others construct some kind of coherence for their stuff too. Help them make simple decisions about what is worth keeping, worth doing, and what is just useless rubbish with no meaning or purpose! That is what I want to do.

Am I brave enough to do this?

Don't know yet... I shall have to "just do it" to answer that question! :)

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