Sunday, July 09, 2006

Owned by my tribes and proud of it.

Yesterday I wrote briefly about "Ownership" of ones Self amidst ones "tribe".

I find myself constantly thinking about this subject at the moment.

Am I owned?

Do I allow myself to be "owned"?



You see! I'm gut-less and a complete wuss when it comes to being alone. Oh! I LOVE being "alone" for short stretches of time. I would dearly love to rent out my little family for a low price on occasion just to have the house to "myself" for a bit. :) At the very least it would be nice if it stayed tidy for more than 5 minutes!

But... seriously - that's just stuff n' nonsense talk really! Even though I need to have some "me" time alone by myself occasionally - the operative word here is OCCASIONALLY. I could not ever be by myself permanently!

I am not anywhere near the type to un-cohere myself from loved ones, close friends, family or home, hearth, community, town or country. Even my internet tribe is a trifle too important to me to consider separating myself from it anytime soon *blush*.

These tribes own me outright. Hook, line and sinker! I could not IMAGINE living anywhere else but where I do right now. I cannot imagine leaving my home permanently unless my closest and dearest tribe moved with me. I fit so comfortably within my tribes that I cannot foresee a time when I would need to make that struggle for freedom that the quote by Nietzsche implied.

I own my tribes and they own me. I'm comfortable with this arrangement right now in my life. I have not yet needed to assert some kind of personal freedom to escape these tribes because I do not feel overwhelmed by them.

That day COULD come but for the foreseeable future I think not. I don't want to fight to be free of these tribes I belong to right now. I am happy to be totally dependant on them and happy to contribute to them as required. I like being "owned" by my tribes. :)

Thing is I'm not being forced into making these choices. I freely choose to be completely owned by my tribes and that makes it resoundingly clear that I am still free enough that I own myself. :)

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