Sunday, July 16, 2006

Love and Passion.

Sometimes our drive to fulfil our passions can overwhelm; not just ourselves but those around us.

All people, everywhere, need to explore the full range and potential that exists within their dreams and pursue that which captures their heart. The essence of individual freedom is that people be allowed to explore these paths. The most inspiring ideas and creative pursuits are all tinged with the passionate zeal of their authors. Zeal, ardour and fervent belief in their potential to exist fuel many of the things we take for granted today.

When it comes to relationships however, passion must be bordered and contained within Love. Passion by itself is a bitter task-master fuelling the burning fire of personal desire. Blind passion is a double-edged sword, capricious and cruel, demanding and obesessive. Blind passion will consume others in its quest to be fulfilled. Blind passion is simply egocentric selfishness that destroys rather than creates.

Passion in conjunction with love is about honouring the other, not ones self. Passion for someone loved, is defined by what we desire that is of benefit to them. Selfish desire will mostly create a win-lose scenario. With love, passion becomes something else entirely. It fuels love, makes it alive, gives it wings and a healthy dose of wonder and joy for both people involved :) Love expressed passionately is not so much physical as spiritual and emotional in its expression. Passion inspired by genuine love is always win-win for everyone.

Love GIVES - it never demands or expects a return on "investment". Passion is a by-product of love kept in check by love itself.

Love and Passion are like weights on a scale. Love must always be checked in balance against passion for if the scales tip in passions favour - there is no love - just lust, avarice and greed. The irony is that if the scale is weighted in loves favour - passion still exists, fervently and resolutely.

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