Monday, May 22, 2006


Not as well as I could be today. Just a cold but enough to be feeling a bit sorry for myself. :)

Illness can bring out the bear in us eh?

All our defences come up and our tolerances come down. Walls instead of bridges. People become targets and words become arrows shot straight into hearts - just to make the quiver of ones temper a little lighter for it.

Oh! I can be nice enough to friends and strangers... but family can cop a serve on a regular basis when "Mother Bear" isn't feeling well.

Okay! So, a cold is a cold is a cold and it'll take a week - or 7 days - to get better, whichever comes first. :)

Just allow me to wallow in self-pity under dark blue clouds until then. After that you have my permission to tell me to "Get a Grip" and get over it! :)

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