Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I was never a "morning" person in my youth.

I was a classic "Night Owl" type who liked reading past midnight, or partying at the disco (yes...disco! I'm really that old you know! ;)) until pre-dawn.

Sleep was something one did in the morning until just before lunch! :)

But time changes everything. Even Night Owls.

For the past two years or so I've become more an "Early Bird" than a Night Owl. I tend to wake up around 5:30am these days and get stuck into the day. However, the flip-side to this is that I'm a decidedly wilted flower by nightfall.

My kids think it's hilarious that Mum has to crash on the couch for a nap nearly every day. They haven't got to this stage of their lives yet though...I'm waiting for my turn to gloat when they complain how tired they are! ;)

However, these past three months have seen me getting up earlier and earlier.. I've been having this insomnia thing going on. It's not too bad getting up at 4:30am or thereabouts but it could get a bit tedious soon if I can't get this old body clock to settle down to a more manageable rhythm. I thank God there's the internet for these early morning sojourns, it's much better fun than early morning TV I must say!

I had surgery a few months back and one of the post-surgical symptoms I was warned about was the probability of a period of insomnia as my body healed over time. Subsequently, I've not been particularly stressed about not sleeping much at the moment. This too will pass, as all nagging annoyances generally do. :)

Mornings aren't so bad. I love the quiet tranquility of early mornings. I love my kids but once they're up out of bed... life gets kinda hectic and starts to spin at terminal velocity... so I'm much happier if they stay there, in bed, for as long as practically possible most mornings :) It gives me time to think, to write, to chat to friends over the Net; Hey! I actually GET to access the Net without having to invoke Parental Computer Rights! :)

So yeah! It's a bit tedious this VERY early rising thing but it's not so bad really if I just go with the flow.

Everything changes; all the time. No matter how routine we might think things are, time, place, things, people, ideas, all morph and move, flex and hitch. It's not a bad thing unless you let it get to you. Life is about growth and movement, it's not meant to be static immobility.

That's what makes living so wonderful! Everything, absolutely everything, is so much more interesting this way. :)

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